Retirement Planning

You can ensure you have sufficient money to retire and do the things that you enjoy by working together with one of our financial advisors. Protecting your principal will afford you that possibility so that you can leave this to your children, a charity or any other beneficiary you see fit. By working with one of our financial planners, you will be able to achieve the goals for your retirement. Even if your goals change from time to time through your retirement, there are still certain threats to your retirement that remain unchanged.

Speak with one of financial advisor team members and not only combat the challenges that retiring on time might have for you, but so that together you can construct a retirement plan which will also help you ensure the nest egg you have worked so hard for will last. There are many concerns that people have over their retirement, including, but not limited to, running out of money in retirement, not having enough funds to be able to retire in the first place and also living longer than expected. Further concerns can be how you will maintain your living standards, directly after another recession, having a lot less money than you anticipated, keeping up with the rate of inflation; perhaps the loss of your pension, the escalating costs of health care, or even changes in social security. With the help of our financial planners, we will make sure that you are acutely aware of all potential risks and assist you in the appropriate planning to aid your successful retirement.

Individuals have many different ideas on how they would ideally like to spend their retirement and at Huxford we understand this. Some people decide at a certain age that they want to retire fully, and lay back and enjoy all their labour efforts, or even slow things right down and only work part-time, perhaps manage a smaller business, or maybe contribute in a voluntary or social way to their community.

Regrettably, many people are doing nothing or very little at all to achieve these desires or wants. Those individuals who live overseas may not be able to gain access to private pensions, or are pushed into paying scheme contributions for state pensions that they will never gain access to.

Speaking to our one of our Advisors at Huxford can assist you with your retirement goals and make it an easy process. We will help you to ascertain which of the goals, based upon your personal circumstances you should be aiming for, and also which is the most effectual way to use any surplus income you have to attain those targeted goals. At Huxford, we provide solutions for foreign nationals who are not only working, but living abroad, and those who may have a portable career where they are in need of global solutions for retirement. Our specialist advisors will take into consideration your nationality and up to date tax treatment, but will also recommend investment solutions which are tax efficient for your personal set of circumstances, for instance:

Australian Nationals, recently there have been some amendments made to the Australian tax rules, and we can provide solutions which would enable you to take advantage of those changes back home, and to obtain investment gains which are free from capital gains tax or income.

British Nationals can gain benefits from our solutions for private pensions, which would allow them to receive, tax-free principle and gains while living back in the United Kingdom. For British Nationals or someone who has formerly been living and/or working in the UK, or anyone who has paid contributions towards a UK pension, Huxford offer a vast range of transfer and consolidation choices for pensions. These are delivered via schemes like QROPs (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes) which provide you with better control over your investments, tax effectiveness, as well as gaining access to your pensions at an early age.

French Nationals, while working overseas, internationally they can use this opportunity to get benefit from the growth which is earned on transnational investments accruing, year after year, tax-free.

US Nationals or more specifically those holding green cards may now be finding themselves living abroad and not able to carry on contributing to their 401K company retirement plans. We offer a vast array of solutions and, depending on your earnings and current asset value, can provide advice on US Qualifying solutions for your pension, as well as providing benefits for tax efficiency in the US.

It does not matter what your nationality, by working together we can assist you in developing a strategic plan to build on your capital so that you can enjoy your retirement to its fullest. Most people these days’ plan to cover any gaps in their retirement needs with a private personal pension. To gain a greater insight into the services we provide at Huxford, and how you too can become one of our valuable clients, contact us and take action today.