Independently Managed Accounts

The Huxford Group offer assistance to those people who are unable or don’t have time to oversee their investments on a day-to- day basis. Those individuals who prefer to employ the expertise of a team of portfolio managers who can track fund performances and global market trends find new or better investment opportunities. Our team will handpick a broad range of fund resources which cover an array of asset classes, financial markets, fund managers and geographical regions specifically for your risk profile. The key to growing wealth is having a truly structured portfolio, but at the same time protecting the capital. We at Huxford have a management advisory service that is second to none. We have a broad range of services available from managing individual portfolio accounts to assets for high net worth individuals and wealth management. Our tailor-made services will suit any level of financial investment requirements and objectives.

Today’s financial markets are very volatile, so it is important that not only the right initial fund manager selection be made, but continuing portfolio reviews are undertaken. Our team of portfolio managers is regularly reviewing and monitoring client’s portfolios for levels of risk, conditions of current markets and world events along with their performance levels. Using this disciplined and meticulous process, Huxford can act quickly on any risk to your portfolio that may become apparent, and avoid it becoming an investment loss. Your portfolio Advisor at Huxford is readily available to explain or discuss with you the most up to date strategies and management team recommendations for your investment portfolio. Your Advisor will assess your objectives, appetite for risk, time frame and desired returns you hope to achieve, and then recommend a portfolio which is structured to suit your requirements.

Being a client of Huxford and having a managed portfolio you will benefit from, your Advisor keeping you up to date with regular reviews, consistent valuation and market updates, explanations of the current market trends, new investment areas that become available, and online portfolio viewing.