About Wealth Management

At Huxford we pride ourselves on putting our clients’ interest at the forefront of our business by providing a range of comprehensive services for private wealth management. Integrity steers each and every judgment we make. Each and every client of Huxford has a unique set of goals and needs. We aim to meet those needs and goals. Some of these requirements are, planning for retirement, education savings, and investment management, to name a few.

Our widespread range of services enables us to act as straightforward money managers or fee-only financial planners. The relationships we have with our clients extends to outsiders such as attorneys, tax professionals or insurance experts. We use a consistent process and team approach when managing the investments of our clients.

We follow a highly fundamental investment program, conceived by one of the Founders at Huxford. One which has consistently stood the test of time, and survived the acid test of investment strategy judgement.

By its very nature, our philosophy is contrarian. ‘Predicting markets is not what we do’ but, by looking at financially stable, yet undervalued securities, adding a little discipline and patience we can pinpoint bonds and stocks which are compatible with our investment criteria.

In publicly traded companies throughout all market capitalisations, we acquire individual positions. We also focus on our disciplined process which enables us to manage the risk for investors, but also allowing us, over time, to seek above-averages returns.

Huxford couple the best available research resources with their portfolio approach, which is created to preserve capital and produce, over a longer period, above-average investment performances.