The Huxford Way

Bringing our collective resources together and acting as one team on every client’s individual situation is our firm’s greatest strength and one that works very successfully. Our firm is not one which has a collection of separate businesses working under the same roof, but a highly-qualified, well-oiled team in which our group members each act in a highly-functioned, co-ordinated way with marked responsibilities.

Our investment philosophy, supported by a principal observation, shows us that contrary to modern investment theories, markets are ineffectual. Applied historically reported data, and our experience has taught us that quite often irrational behavior, presumption, investment decisions, and then execution is a common occurrence with investors. It can be especially true throughout the periods of intense market stress (shown through 12 years of tech and real estate bubbles or the Investor Capitulation 2008). In brief, it is more straightforward to discuss the context of investments, the approach and how to be disciplined in this regard, than to dispute the consensus. Understanding and recognition of the behavior of investors which influence market valuations provide us with the opportunity and method by which to fulfill inefficiencies in pricing through attentive management.

We fulfill, or take account of, those inefficiencies which are inevitable in all markets. By taking a comprehensive capital market overview, it enables us to maximize client returns but also manages any downside risks. Our historic core competencies supplement the way we actively manage fixed income and domestic equity portfolios. We expose them to a full complement of asset classes, such as real estate, high-yield bonds, foreign equities and, where required, commodities traded through low-cost exchange funds,

Contrary to the conventional diversification approach, our primary aim is not just to lower volatility. Reduced volatility is viewed by us to be a welcomed result and one which we can add to the subsequent collective return-seeking portfolio investments, to which it might not be perfectly associated. Suffice to say, we view diversification, mainly as a way of attaining higher investment returns. We see diversification as a way of achieving higher returns for our clients. Diversifying for the sake of diversification has always come at a long-term, high cost, and has demonstrated ineffectual at times of stressed markets. For example, many of the alleged diversified asset classes have proven to be willfully shown with the S&P500 Index