Our Culture

Our passion at Huxford is to help families, businesses and also foundations to actualize their financial objectives. It is not possible to measure goals by returns, and therefore, we measure our success, just as you measure us: through successful results.

Helping to increase the type of wealth for our clients that ‘money just will not buy’ or ‘death cannot steal away’ has always been our mission. We want to provide our clients with the freedom to enjoy the things which they value the most, such as family, recreation, community contribution or business ventures and to avoid the concerns about day-to- day financial assets management.

Our commitment is focused on building long-term, highly personalized partnerships with selective organizations and individuals who aspire to and place a high-value on:

Huxford have been servicing the personalized needs of professionals, retirees, family businesses and owners alike since 1996. Our firm over the years has evolve and matured from what used to be individual advisors acting alone on all areas of client relationships, into a collective group of specialists collaborating to produce highly-comprehensive solutions. Prudent investment advice is certainly the foundation of the services we provide. We also believe that to best service our clients, bringing each and every facet of an individual’s financial picture, and then assisting them to make decisions cumulatively as opposed to in isolation, is the key.